Family portraits & Lifestyle newborns

Children are my favorite subject to photograph. They are always honest. I think about what the photographs will mean for generations to come and how these will be the still frames in their mines of how they'll always remember their parents and grandparents. It's such a gift for me to be able to give someone a frozen moment that they will cherish forever.


Chaos. So much chaos. And that's exactly how I love it. You might leave a session thinking, "I'm not really sure how that went." Because your kids will be running, jumping, playing, loving. Those are the best moments. If you're looking for perfectly posed and proper photos, I am not the photographer for you. If you're looking to see your child's personality come to life, let's chat!


Neutrals or earth tones are my go-to. Make sure all of the colors compliment each other for the perfect Pantone and no one is wearing contrasting patterns. I love to keep it casual. You want your kids to be comfortable and feel free to play, laugh, and be themselves.


Cake smashes are shot on a location of your choosing or inside your home. As a lifestyle photographer, I love everything to be a genuine memory to look back on. The memory is most personal when it's in a location that's meaningful to your family or inside your own home.

* The cake is not included.

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