Last Call for the Waterdrinker Tulip Festival

I've been to the the Waterdrinker Tulip festival 3 times already. Once to capture my dear friend's engagement, once for a shoot with Ooh La La and last to just run and play in the tulip fields. It's so, so beautiful! I never get sick of it. A little slice of the Netherlands right in our own backyard. But it's ending this Mother's Day weekend. I think it's a perfect way to spent Mother's Day.

Some information before you go:

  • There is a $15 per person admission. Inside there are also some fun things for kids to do, mini-golf, a giant trampoline, an animal farm, a food truck, etc.
  • It will be crowded, it's better to go late in the afternoon when the sun start to go down and everyone is leaving to have some dinner. It's better for lighting that time of day anyway.
  • Shoot low to the ground so you can avoid capturing the dirt paths and other people in your background.
  • Make a whole day of it! Last week, I spent the morning at the Tulip Fields before driving to Westhampton and getting lunch at Brunetti's a new pizza and wine bar spot. It's about a 20 minute drive from Manorville. But you can enjoy a day in the beautiful, scenic town of Westhampton. If it's crowded, the beach is only about a 5 minute drive away. You can have a little pizza, wine and cheese picnic on the beach.

Hope you have an amazing Mother's day!